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This is an article about Taiwan (Republic of China)'s participation. For (People's Republic of) China's participation, see China in the WWW Song Contest
The Republic of China has participated five times—as Taiwan in the WWW Song Contest, debuting in Brussels for the 22nd contest. The participation then followed by a long absent after their disqualification from the 24th contest.

Later, Taiwan returned in the 35th contest with a new responsible representative and reached the final for the first time, sending ANN's self-composed song and finished in tie with the FYR Macedonia; both scoring 87 points. It remained as the best result for the island nation ever before it was surpassed by their representative for the 39th edition, Nick Chou.

Début & Participation History Edit

Taiwan entered the contest with an upbeat song, 'Beep Beep Beep' by the country's one of the most prominent singers, Jeannie Hsieh, which she sung in four languages—Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese, and English. Jeannie's self-written multi-language hit song only managed to collect 32 points, thus failed to qualify into the final.

For the next contest, Taiwan was represented by Singaporean twins who performed together in their duo band By2, which again performed an upbeat song; This time received 52 points, meaning they failed to qualify once again, but managed to reach the 14th place out of 19 in the Semi-Final and marked the second best Taiwanese results in the contest to date.

Third Taiwanese participation overshadowed the history of the country's participation by their disqualification for not voting in the Semi-Final. This time they sent an entry which was unlike the previous ones—sung by Taiwan-based Singaporean singer, Tanya Chua. Taiwan later absent in many editions, before returned to the 35th Contest with a new responsible representative.

Taiwan withdrew its entry for the 38th edition due to health issues concerning the Taiwanese player.

Nick Chou (39th and 40th) currently holds the record of the best scoring and the only artist to represent Taiwan twice consecutively, after he marked the Taiwanese delegations' best result in the 39th contest, beating the former marker ANN by only a single point. He is also the only Taiwanese representative to qualify into the Grand Final by Second Chance.

Taiwan is one of the countries that won the WWW Song Contest twice in a row and have one 2nd Place as two 3rd Places! Taiwan comes seven Times in the Top 15.

Entries Edit


Edition Artist Song Original Title Final Points SF Points SC Points

Jeannie Hsieh Chin-yen (謝金燕)

Beep Beep Beep "嗶嗶嗶" XXX XXX 17th/20 32 pts - -
WWWSC #23 By2 No Reason "沒理由" XXX XXX 14th/19 52 pts - -
WWWSC #24 Tanya Chua Chien-ya (蔡健雅) Love Song To Myself "單戀曲" XXX XXX 21st/21 DSQ - -
WWWSC #35 ANN Bai An (白安) What Brings Me To You? "是什麼讓我遇見這樣的你" 19th/26 87 pts 10th/22 74 pts - -
WWWSC #36 William Wei Li-an (韋禮安) Wolves "狼" XXX XXX 21st/23 24 pts - -
WWWSC #37 Hebe Tien Fu-chen (田馥甄) Insignificance "渺小" XXX XXX 13th/22 55 pts 5th/10 107 pts
WWWSC #38 Jolin Tsai I-lin (蔡依林) Medusa "美杜莎" XXX XXX 19th/19 DSQ - -
WWWSC #39 Nick Chou T'ang-hao (周湯豪) HEY! I Need Your Beauty "HEY需要你的美!" 18th/25 88 pts 13th/22 68 pts 2nd/10 171 pts
WWWSC #40 Nick Chou T'ang-hao (周湯豪) This is Your Song "這是你的歌" XXX XXX 21st/22 24 pts - -
WWWSC #41 A-Fu Teng ft. Xiaoyu Sung Stop In Front of the Intersection XXX XXX 20th/22 25 pts
WWWSC #42 O-Kai Singers Rimuy Su La Rimuy Yun XXX XXX 16th/22 37 pts
WWWSC #43 Rosie Yang & Ryan Yu Why Not Love 2nd/26 165 pts 3rd/24 97 pts
WWWSC #44 JJ Lin Twilight 19th/26 89 pts XXX XXX
WWWSC #45 Jolin Tsai ft. Namie Amuro I'm Not Yours 1st/26 193 pts 7th/24 81 pts
WWWSC #46 Princess Ai & A-Lin I'm Not Leaving 1st/26 174 pts XXX XXX
WWWSC #47 Diana Wang Home 4th/26 138 pts XXX XXX
WWWSC #48 Angela Chang Not Afraid XXX XXX 15th/24 47 pts
WWWSC #49 Starr Chen ft. Jolin Tsai Ego-Holic XXX XXX 15th/24 52 pts


S.H.E Irreplaceable 永遠都在 3rd/27 162


2nd/16 100




Jess Lee Snowstorm 華納 14th/27 102




Aska Yang feat. Diamond Zhang Liang Liang 凉凉 XXX XXX 8th/16 63 pts


R-Chord ft. Diana Wang Love Doesn't Need To Pretend 愛不需要裝乖 3rd/27 180


2nd/16 105




Hsieh Yi-chun Infatuated Girl 痴情女 25th/27 45 pts XXX XXX


LuLu Leg song 腿之歌 XXX XXX 16th/16 41




Jolin Tsai Play 我呸 18th/27 93 pts 4th/16 78 pts
WWWSC #57 Hu Xia Those Years 那些年 XXX XXX 14th/16 39 pts
WWWSC #58 Eric Chou How Have You Been? 你,好不好? XXX XXX 14th/17 50 pts
WWWWSC #59 Joanne Tseng Guess 猜猜看 XXX XXX 8th/17 65 pts
WWWSC #60 Three People This Is Me 官方完整版 5th/28 128 pts 4th/16 83 pts
WWWSC #61 Diana Wang Heartbeat 9th/27 126 pts 4th/16 90 pts
WWWSC #62 Rosie Yang Unbroken 直微笑 XXX XXX 13th/16 44 pts
WWWSC #63 Rachel Liang Fen shou hou bu yao zuo peng you XXX XXX 12th/16 44 pts
WWWSC #64 Xiao PanPan & Xiao FengFeng Learning To Meow 學貓叫 XXX XXX 13th/17 53 pts
WWWSC #65 Ariel Tsai Waiting For You 為了等候你 XXX XXX 15th/17 36 pts
WWWSC #66 J.Sheon & Waa Wei Friday Full Swing 周五全面展开 XXX XXX 16th/16 29 pts
WWWSC #67 Ann Space Out 放空 XXX XXX 14th/17 39 pts
WWWSC #68 Sangpuy Verelruwan 森谷地 14th/27 92 pts 7th/17 67 pts
WWWSC #69 Samingad Akinasu Wanan 神話 24th/27 68 pts 6th/16 76 pts